Lawrenceburg First Christian Church
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Membership Committee 

       Contact the committee chair via email:  Christy Moffett and Ann Simmons

Committee Purpose:

Is shall be the purpose of this ministry to help all persons realize the maximum possibilities and benefits of Church membership


Duties and Responsibilities:

  •  Oversee all potluck dinners (September-April). Each circle is assigned a month to serve the food, decorate tables and responsible for programs at the potlucks.
  • Responsible for providing a “New Member Packet” that contains information about church programs, etc. to those who join our church. Packets can be picked up in the church office.
  • In the event of a death a church member or their family, the ministry is responsible for offering the bereaved family a dinner at the church on the day of the funeral. If the dinner is wanted, Membership is responsible for calling other members in the congregation and ask if they would provide food, set up tables and serve food.
  • Responsible for special programs (dinner or program or both) recognizing a specific group or groups (e.g. basketball, football, players, cheerleaders, college students, etc.)
  • Responsible for buying gifts for Mother’s Day and Father’s Day and making sure someone presents the gifts to the mothers and fathers.
  • Responsible for designating visual counters for morning worship and someone to bring total count to office after the church service and responsible for collecting registration sheets of member and visitors.
  • Responsible planning, organizing, and coordinating the Church Pictorial Directory on an as needed basis.
  • Responsible for ensuring leadership is in place for the Senior Adults programs, trips, etc.
  • Responsible for all church picnic.
  • Plan new membership programs as needed.
  • Care for members with special needs.
  • Responsible for progress reports at quarterly board meeting.
  • Responsible for preparing an annual budget for the Membership Ministry.
  • Responsible for organizing and overseeing the Easter Egg Hunt