Lawrenceburg First Christian Church
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Pastorial Care
Who will we contact when there is a prayer
need or crisis while Jim is on Sabbatical?
Either Mike or Micki will be in town and working
throughout the Sabbatical, so one of them should be
called. There will also be elders that have agreed to
serve during Jim’s absence. A detailed calendar will be
provided to the congregation prior to the Sabbatical.
One of the purposes of the calendar will be to give
contact information for the ministers and others who
are “on call” for prayer concerns and crises.

General Questions
Who should I call to volunteer to cover some of Jim’s responsibilities?
Responsibilities will be addressed by standing committees and the Sabbatical Committee. Contact the appropriate committee chair or a Sabbatical Committee member if you are willing to volunteer your gift. Contact information will be available in a future communication.
Why does Jim need a Sabbatical?
A Sabbatical will give Jim time for physical, emotional,
and spiritual renewal, allowing him to minister
more effectively.
What are the benefits of a Sabbatical for
the Congregation?
The congregation will have the opportunity to
experience beneficial growth. We can engage in meaningful
ministry as we share the responsibility of caring
for each other and the community. We will gain a
deeper appreciation for how widespread and demanding
pastoral ministry actually is.
When is his Sabbatical?
April 28 through July 21, 2014.
Is there a concern that attendance will
decline during his Sabbatical?
Fortunately, this is entirely within our control!
It will take the individual commitment of each
church member to ensure that attendance meets
or even exceeds our usual summer attendance.
Is there a possibility that financial giving
will suffer during the Sabbatical?
Like attendance, this is also within our control.
Our congregation has proven itself to be generous
and faithful, and there is no reason to expect
a change while Jim is away.
What will Jim do while he is on Sabbatical?
Jim will take this time to renew his spirit and
physical health. More details will be provided as
he and Rhonda finalize his plans.
What should I expect from the Sabbatical?
You should expect to see the church function as
normal, and at the same time grow as we discover our
gifts, which will develop us spiritually and make our
church stronger and more lay-led.
Who will make sure Jim’s duties are
covered during the Sabbatical?
The Sabbatical Committee is working with Jim
to identify the duties and responsibilities that need
to be covered during his absence. Many will be
handled by the committee in charge of particular
activities. There are other duties for which volunteers
will be needed. For example, Bill McGrath
has agreed to make sure the church is unlocked on
Sunday mornings. The Sabbatical Committee is
developing a plan for the Sabbatical and identifying
responsible parties, not necessarily specifying
who will be assigned to perform the task, but instead
who will find the person(s) that will complete
the task or activity. As planning for his absence
proceeds, the congregation will receive updates on
how his obligations and duties will be fulfilled.
Will Jim be accessible to the congregation
during the Sabbatical?
The purpose of the Sabbatical is to free Jim
from his ministerial responsibilities. He will be
traveling as well as spending time focusing on spiritual
growth, renewal and study. The time he is in
Lawrenceburg, he will primarily be accessible to his
family .
Will Jim’s family be with him during the
Rhonda will accompany Jim during some of the
trips he will be taking. However, there will be
times when Jim will be focusing on spiritual renewal
and study and Rhonda will be focusing on
her responsibilities at the community and technical
college and she will not be able to be with him.

Who will preach during the Sabbatical?
There will be 12 weeks that we will need to arrange for a speaker. Mike McColl and Micki McHugh will preach their normal quarterly sermons. One Sunday is youth Sunday which will be handled by the youth and their sponsors. There has been a request that one Sunday be a Hymn Sing which Sue Lou has agreed to coordinate. That covers four Sundays, and Jim, Mike and Micki have agreed to make recommendations for speakers for the other eight Sundays. Their recommendations will be brought to the Sabbatical Committee, who will bring a recommendation to the Board. More information will be provided closer to the time of the Sabbatical.

How much will the Sabbatical cost?
Jim will receive his normal pay and professional development allowance. The Sabbatical Committee has requested up to $3,000 to cover the cost of speakers in the event individuals out-side the church provide sermons. There is a possibility that additional printing and postage costs may be incurred due to communication efforts to keep the congregation informed prior to and during the Sabbatical.