Lawrenceburg First Christian Church
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Worship Committee

       Contact the committee chair via email:  Thelma Bruce or Christy Hurst


It shall be the purpose of this committee to lead the congregation in a genuine experience of worship in the public services, and to enrich personal devotional life


Worship Service Responsibilities

  • Content of the service including any changes and/or improvements as necessary.
  • Working with the Audio-Visual Committee on television ministry.
  • Decorating the sanctuary especially for Easter and Christmas.
  • Designating people to hand out bulletins, lighting of candles, and ushers to seat guests for all regular and special services such as Easter and Christmas. This includes providing a list at the first of the year of people serving as ushers.
  • Providing nursery attendants during worship services.
  • Choosing the families for lighting the Advent Candles.
  • Placing hymnals back in the racks after removing old bulletins from them. (CYF)
  • Picking up paper, bulletins, trash, etc. from pews and under cushions. (CYF)
  • Polishing balcony railing and collection plates
  • Replacing oil canisters in the candles in the sanctuary.
  • Preparing Christmas Eve candles for candlelight service.
  • Watering plants in sanctuary

Other related Duties

  • Securing people for the 24-hour chain of prayer (usually in March – the first Tuesday).
  • Securing people to for leading the morning worship services at Heritage Hall during the months of June and December.
  • Responsible for the Music Staff.
  • Organizing any special worship service outside of the normal worship services such as picnics, Ash Wednesday, etc.
  • The chairperson or their designee is will give a progress report at all quarterly board meetings as well as attend all cabinet meetings.
  • The Worship committee will prepare a budget.
  • Proposing changes to the bulletin cover as appropriate