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Keith McAliley

(Music Director and Organist)

Keith likes music.  He has been a composer, arranger, and teacher.  He has played piano in jazz bands, saxophone in rock bands, clarinet in Dixieland bands, flute in salsa bands, guitar in church services, harp in nursing homes, and for one interesting year, the Chinese mouth organ.

He holds a music education degree from Florida State University and degree in jazz and contemporary media (with a writing emphasis) from the Eastman School of Music.

He grew up in West Palm Beach, Florida, where he got his first job as a church organist when he was 14.  He got his first complaint about the hymns a week after that.  He is an ordained pastor who served Bridgeport Christian Church in Frankfort for 13 years before settling down to play the organ and direct the choir at First Christian Church in Lawrenceburg.

He lives with his wife (who pastors the Simpsonville Christian Church), two teenage children (who attend church at Simpsonville), and his mother-in-law (who watches the children a lot.)  In his spare time, he likes to work at his job with the state.

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